The Movement

How it all started

The first 100 Women Who Care group was formed in November 2006 in Jackson, Michigan, USA. At their first 1 hour meeting, the Jackson chapter raised $10,000 which went toward the purchase of 300 new baby cribs for an organization in their city. There are hundreds of chapters actively operating in the US, Canada, and throughout the world! They include women’s groups, mens (and guys) groups, people groups (which are groups that include both men and women), businesses (corporations, companies, organizations), and kids groups (that also include youth and teen groups). There are even virtual chapters that collect on behalf of a national or global cause. 


St.Albert Chapter T8N100Men

We are one of many of Canadian ‘100 Women Who care’ and ‘100 Men Who Care’ organizations. We are proud Albertans In the St. Albert and surrounding area and are committed to helping our neighbours. We recognize that there are hundreds of small, grass-roots not-for-profit and charitable organizations operating in our region. These hard-working and dedicated organizations are providing much-needed services within our community.

Here are some of the nearby groups who care.

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