How it all works


· Members complete a request for membership and make a commitment to the group

· Each member commits to donating $100 per meeting.

· Meetings are scheduled four times a year and are scheduled for approximately one hour.

· Any member can nominate a St. Albert area charity or one that supports the St. Albert area, to be the recipient of a donation. (Nominations are made for each meeting, via the T8N100Men website/nominations page.)

· All nominations must be submitted 14 days prior to the meeting date.

· The T8N100Men Planning Committee will select three of the nominated charities to present at a meeting. The organizations will be contacted and a representative from that organization will be asked to deliver a five-minute presentation on how they would allocate the donated funds. Presentations are to be basic with no visual aids etc.  A five- minute Q&A session will take place immediately following the presentations.

· At the conclusion of the presentations, each Member in attendance will vote by ballot - the majority rules. All Members are responsible for making the donation to the selected charity, regardless of their personal vote.


· Members bring a cheque to be written out directly to the selected charity.

· If a Member is unable to attend a meeting he may give a blank cheque to another Member to deliver at the meeting or the Planning Committee can be contacted to make other arrangements prior to the scheduled meeting. 

· Only those in attendance, and have heard the presentations, can vote

· All donations will be provided to charities that serve St. Albert and area. Donations benefiting large, national charities will not be considered. Charities will primarily be provincially designated as a non-profit organization.

· The committee will on occasion will bring special situations for the membership to consider. (for example, hardship cases, emergency needs, and the like.) These may not have charitable status, but may call for help the committee deems worthy of consideration

· The selected charity must agree not to use the names of the Members for future solicitations or for any other public use or purpose without expressed consent or permission of the Member.

· Selected charities will be required to attend the next meeting to highlight how the funds were utili zed.

· In the case of a two-way ti e, the membership will be provided with the names of the two charities and a second vote will be taken. If the second vote results In another tie, a random draw will decide the successful charity. In the case of a three-way tie, the random draw rule will be In effect.

· If a Member has missed more than two meetings and payments, the contact

information will be removed from the mailng list. After a lapse in membership, an Individual may rejoin the group by making a $100 donation to the charity selected at the previous meeting.

· A cause that Is selected to present at a meeting, but does not receive that evening's donation, is eligible to be nominated again,  after 2 subsequent meetings. The cause that receives the donation from the group Is eligible for nomination again after two years.